Capture those perfect moments with beautiful images.

Whether it is those Family photos that you have been wanting to get done before time slips away. The Newborn baby who you just can’t stop gazing at lovingly, wishing you could freeze time. Or that Senior that is growing into a wonderful person. Christiana provides a unique eye to her photography that captures that moment and tells the story of who you are.

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What Clients Say

You were amazing!  Thank you for all your hard work.  We have never had the experience where a photographer follows us around, and we loved it. :)  You got some GREAT pictures. What a gift!!
OK, we finally get to comment and we can’t even find the words…You must have screamed when you saw the picture of James and his book, I have never seen anything that has so perfectly captured the soul of an individual in a photo. All of them are just amazing! We want to thank you, thank you for using your gift to bless us in such an incredible way. 
Steve and Charise, fortunate recipients of the Trading Graces photos
The pictures are FABULOUS!!!  You did such a good job. Looking through them made me tear up they are so good. They are the best pictures Kati has ever had taken.  My Mom came down and she loved them too! Thank you so much!!
First off, our daughter was thrilled with these pictures, and could not wait to give them to her friends.

From our perspective, Christiana’s pictures were so far from the familiarly posed, emotionally two-dimensional senior pictures we’ve all come to expect. They captured what’s inside our daughter, what’s unique about her, what we cherish.

Thank you for everything – your time, making us feel comfortable and your professionalism.  I appreciate your artistic photos and creativity.  I knew I would love the photos, but did not realize how much and how difficult it would be to make a decision on which ones to use!
It was so much fun working with you.  Your easy-going manner barely hints at the professionalism of the finished product!  The imaginative way that you handled David made the photo shoot easier for us adults, and the happy expression on his face reveals that he was having a good time, too!