I’m a huge fan of an online resource for photographers and creatives – CreativeLIVE.  I was privileged to be in a couple of audiences last year getting to meet some of my photography heroes (Jules and Joy, Lindsay Adler) and have learned so much from watching online courses.  People tune in from all over the world to watch these courses from photographers who are also from all over the world for FREE.  It’s the best!

John Greengo is a local Seattle photographer and does many classes for CreativeLIVE as well as teach all over the area including at my favorite camera store Kenmore Camera.  He does a 5 day intensive on CreativeLIVE called “The Fundamentals of Digital Photography” which I found very useful in helping me teach my classes this summer.  I know my camera well but John has in-depth knowledge on just about every camera out there.  It’s amazing!

As I was watching the John’s course he put up a photo of a bike racer and that I could have sworn was my cousin.  I had planned on buying the course anyway but now I had to because I wanted to see the course material and see if it was Clark.  The slide went up so quickly I couldn’t be sure.  I bought the course material and went to the slides and Clark wasn’t in them so I just thought I’d wanted it to be him and my brain filled it in.  Cut to one year later I was watching John Greengo teach the course again and same slide and now I was convinced it actually is Clark!  I emailed John Greengo and told him the story so he very graciously gave me the image to print for Clark!  I gave it to him this weekend.  He, of course, loved it and doesn’t really have any great photos of him racing.  Thank you John Greengo!!

Christiana Childers _ For John Greengo-100