Most of you probably know the feeling – life is moving too fast!  Kids grow up.  Specifically kids in my hood who used to make jewelry with me at the pool, who were half my size grow up to be gorgeous girls and I try to pretend I have something in my eye and I’m not getting choked up about how beautiful they are…..she is…

See what I mean!  Gorgeous!

You know how I love the detail shots.  I had her stand on a stack of No Parking signs to show off her rockin’ shoes!

I want you to know that I didn’t make her eyes more saturated.  That is the real color of her eyes!  I know, right?!

This next one is kind of a joke because it’s what she does to her mom every time she wants to take a picture of her.  I think it’s funny.

A has a car that I would have killed for in HS!  I had to get a shot of her driving it.

A is also an amazing swimmer.  We got some great shots at the pool which was fun and new for me.  I love to try out new places especially when they are special to my client.

Footnote – A doesn’t like to have her photo taken.  She wasn’t looking forward to this.  I told her my goal was to have her at least say it wasn’t too bad after all if not “that was fun”.  Her mom told me as we pull up to our last spot that she said “OK, this is kinda fun.”  Yes!!!