I do hope, dear reader, that you are not getting tired of reading about our 13 celebrations.  This was always going to be the year of the 13’s as we are surrounded by girls all born the same year.  We knew it’d be a crazy year – we just didn’t think it’d be here already!

Meet M.  She is special to me because I meet her parents in birth class.  I liked them immediately.  We were further bonded when M and my daughter were born on the same day, at the same hospital with the same doctor only a hour and a half apart.  We lived closer together in those days and M’s mom and I would put the girls to sleep on a couch and work on projects together or just chat.  It really does feel like that was only a couple of years ago!  Not 13!!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the our celebration –

M really liked the henna!

It was a sweet time together in a very special place.