As we are gearing up for Portrait Season, I thought I’d tackle a subject that I get often asked before a Session – What should we wear?

First let me say that I’m not super concerned with outfits.  I would so much rather kids (and husbands!) be comfortable.  I’m much more likely to get great shots of kids if Mom isn’t worrying about them getting messing.  Some of my favorite shots are when kids are allowed to be messy!

Of course this was taken after all the “clean” photos were done!  But you get my point, right?!  That being said, it is nice to have a little instruction on the subject.

So my number one suggestion (rule, help) is comfort!  But here are a few others –

Color Palette

Pick two to three colors for everyone and try and stay within those colors.  Here is a great post by Lina Jarmond on this subject.  I’ve just pasted her post here for your use.

Background Check

I try and pick places to that have a variety of backgrounds.  However, if we are meeting at a park and it’s Spring and everything is bright green, you might want to pick colors that compliment the background rather than blend in.  If it’s Fall, same thing. If we are meeting in a more urban spot, you can maybe be a little more free with color to pop from grays of buildings.

Pattern Control

While its fine to have pattens on a few people, if everyone does, it’d be way too busy.  Please limit patterns (stripes, plaid, argyle, animal prints etc.) to one or two people in the group while everyone else is in solids.

Trendy Shmendy

Pick outfits that won’t date the photo immediately.  You want these photos on your walls for a long time so those awesome fashion forward boots that you bought and are dying to wear, might not be the best fit for this occasion.  You want someone to see your photos on your wall and years later notice how much your kids have grown, not how old the photo looks by the clothes.  Don’t get too hung up on this though.  There is no way to make a photo completely time proof.

This isn’t really a rule and it kind of brakes some of my suggestions above, but I love it when people wear or bring things that tell a story about who they are.  It’s those detail shots that I love! For Seniors, it’s almost always the shoes!  So please take my suggestions above with a grain of salt.  The most important thing is capturing who you or your kids are and that you all have fun!  If that’s shorts, a Star Wars t-shirt and baseball cap (as my below portrait did!) then that’s what you should wear!