Oh y’all… First it was Bono, then MeRa and now Joy and Jules!  Maybe I should just invite Desmond Tutu over for dinner to be really done so I can add a big “tick” to the Meet All Heroes on my Bucket List.

I got to be in the audience last week of a live marketing workshop at creativeLIVE hosted by Joy and Jules Bianchi.  I’ve long admired Jules’ photography and she is someone I’ve blogged stalked and learned from early on in my photography journey.  Her twin sister has teamed up with Jules to help her in her business.  The two of them were so full of great ideas!  Not only for Marketing but running photography business well!  My head is now buzzing with lots of ideas for my own business!

The workshop was a ton of work for them and they put so much of themselves in it.  Thank you Jules and Joy and all the brilliant people at creativeLIVE!!