I used to silently (and sometimes not silently) make fun of all the “graduations” around this time of year.  Maybe because by this time of year there is just too much going on!  (See this awesome blog post by Jen Hatmaker on the subject if you haven’t already)  But I have to admit, I have such mixed emotions about my oldest graduating out of her current school into High School.  Today was her last day at her current school which has, I’m convinced, saved her.  I don’t know where we would be if it wasn’t for her last three years at Three Cedars Waldorf where they saw her for who she was and nurtured it.  It does feel like there should be a ceremony for this.

Here is a picture of her I swear just yesterday –

Christiana Childers_G.1

Sniff.  And now I have a High Schooler who actually looks like this –

Christiana Childers_G -100

I pray that her next school will also be just what she needs.  And I pray that I’ll have the courage to allow it to happen.