G got this great butterfly kit from her birthday last year and we finally got around to ordering the caterpillars (or calepitters as G still calls them and I can’t bring myself to correct her) that go with the kits. Just a side note, if you are local, you NEED to check out the toystore in Kenmore off 522 called Snapdoodle Toys.  It is a random place for a toy store, especially thee best toy I’ve ever been too.  I’m not kidding.  I’m not even a toy store kind of person (whatever that means!) but I love this store!  www.snapdoodletoys.com  So, anyway, G got a kit for her birthday and we watched the caterpillars grow and grow while munching on the food they send with them, then turn into chrysalises and then emerge as butterflies!  It was really fun to watch.  You all probably did this in school but I grew up in Yakima, we didn’t have butterflies in Yakima.  We barely had school.  Just kidding!  I just loved watching the whole process.  Here are our release photos.  Hopefully they didn’t freeze to death upon release!  Sun, sun, wherefore art thou?!  (We are getting a sneak peak of Spring today but I’m not holding my breath as it was freezing rain again on Monday!).