In the wee hours of the morn on March 3rd, Ben couldn’t sleep so got up to do some work.  This was the morning that U2’s new album was released so when I got up, he had bought it, loaded it on my iPod (my U2 iPod – yes, i’m  a nerd) and was playing it when I stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee.  He loves me.  The sad thing is, is that I haven’t really had a chance to listen to it, really listen to it until this morning.  I wasn’t such a fan, to be honest, of what I had heard of it if the background of the Childers’ chaos.  It didn’t grab me like that last couple albums had.  That all changed today!  I finally put it in my ears while I was tidying up.  There are so many good lines in there!  Like “stop trying trying to help God across the street like a little old lady” or “my first cry, it was a joyful noise” and pretty much all of  “white as snow” is full of beautiful imagery.   I recommend it! 

Here’s me back in July giving him some suggestions for the upcoming new album. (Actually, this post is really just an excuse to brag…again…that I got to meet Bono! Still can’t believe it)